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M K School wins CYWEN quiz


Navratri is the time for fun and frolic. The nights are spent dancing while the days s leeping and planning for the night for most of us, but here were a bunch of youngsters who spent their Navratri days planning and doing something else. Their aim was to cre ate a general awareness of environment in today's youth. Yes, you got it right, we're talking of the CYWEN members, who decided to make this awareness a fun activity and so organised the environment quiz ENQUEST on September 26, '98.

The 28 teams that participated in the preliminaries were eliminated to five teams in t he final after answering 25 questions in 15 minutes. None of the colleges could make i t to the final!! The teams from St Xavier's Loyola and Mirzapur, M KHigher Secondary a nd two teams from Prerna (the higher secondary section of Rachana) were fighting it ou t for the winner's spot and they faced rounds like geography, space, Ahmedabad, biolog y etc.

Now, you must be wondering what biology and space has got to do with the environmen t. But at CYWEN they believe that environment is everything surrounding you. It is a b road term and doesn't necessarily concern only the atmosphere, leaves and flowers. The teams of course had a lot of choice like in the medly round there was an option of ch oosing either the good, bad or ugly questions. There were questions for the audience f rom each round.

Finally the team of Abhijit Karnik and Devashish Vyas from M K Higher Secondary sch ool with 175 points emerged as winners and walked away with gift hampers from Crosswor ds and T-shirts. The two runner up teams were from Prerna. Before the finals of the Quiz, was screened the slide show titled 'No Concern Why Both er'. The slide show dealt with the attitude of the urban youth towards solid waste man agement (the garbage problem) adn also threw light on the role of the pastiwallahs, ra g pickers and sweepers in the garbage chain. They too are honourable and make a differ ence.

The Youth Who Care is what the CYWEN members are and they were found in the dress c ode of jeans and T-shirt with the CYWEN logo on the T-shirts and with the CYWEN badges on them.

A group of 11 CYWEN members with assistance from a few people did all the running a bout and gathered the information from library, books, people, members and from the ex perience gained through the months conducting various activities in CEE and so there w as a variety of questions like what was the initial use of tea? the answer being to se e whether water has boiled or not, why do glow worms glow? what is a living fossil? th e saltiest lake in the world and many, many more.

So what makes these people work? It is the magic of mutual goodwill and a cause wor th fighting for, for we may not bother about throwing rubbish on the back streets, spi t from moving cars, let garbage heaps grow larger but there are people who insist on r egulations that nurture rather than destroy the environment adn they are the 'Youth Wh o Care' at CYWEN.

See the original clipping from 'The Times of India'

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