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Mallika Wadhwani

Engineers Beautify Their Surroundings

The budding engineers of the L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad are giving their all to transform the college into a better place. And you thought you could only associate L D with dirty politics, a dull campus with only stri kes to brighten the place.The scene is different now. The enthu LDites have sta rted beautifying their college and making it a happening place.

So 11th September was the chosen day when the technocrats assisted by C YWEN (in fact, a few CYWEN members were LD students and so this association) st arted with their immediate environment.

The day started with students planting 200 saplings, originally the num ber was 135 (this in itself shows the spirit of the students). One of the main incentives to the students was the first two lectures free. Then it was time to go on the college nature trail led by Suresha from CEE. Suresha enlightened us and gave us a lot of information. The eucalyptus which we see around us is a s pecies from Australia and is harmful to the soil so should be grown only on fer tile soil. The neem from the root to leaves has medicinal value. The fruit of t he poisonous dhatura plant was used by the Britishers to poison Indians. One co nserves the top soil which is very fertile. The jasud is planted for ornamental value but is a very good hair conditioner. The pink oleander is very poisonous and at times grown around boundaries to keep cattle at bay.

The poster making competition was the time to brush up nature. Though t he engineers were not too keen on becoming artists, an attendance marked lectur e was the attraction that got them painting the college red through the medium of paper should we say?

Well, all in all, CYWEN members and L D students Kaushal, Ankur, Mitwin , Twinkle, Chetna, Malhar finally took the initiative and with the general secr etary Bhargav Sharma turned a new leaf for the college.

And watch out for ENQUEST - The Environment Quiz organised by CYWEN and support ed by CEE on the 26th of September, 1998 in both English and Gujarati language. Time: 2pm onwards Venue: CEE auditorium, Thaltej Tekra, Ahmedabad Entry Fee: Rs.10 per team to be collected on the spot Eligibility: Open to HSC and college students

See the original clipping from 'The Indian Express'

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