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CYWEN's Coordinator

CYWEN is largely self-managed, but we've always had a co-ordinator from the CEE to give us direction and purpose. While initially our Co-ordinator's had a hands-on role, gradually day-to-day organisational issues are handled by CYWEN members themselves.

We owe a lot to our co-ordinators, without whom getting this far would have been more or less impossible.

Ms. Madhavi Joshi

Ms. Madhavi Joshi, Program Coordinator, CEE, has been CYWEN's coordinator since March '97. She is responsible for numerous youth in environment programs of the CEE, and was the initiator of the Clean Green Projects in 1994.

Mr. Venkat Naidu
Ms. Venkat Naidu, Program Officer, CEE, was CYWEN's co-ordinator from January '97 to March '97.

Ms. Nalini Malaviya
Ms. Nalini Malaviya, Program Officer, CEE, was CYWEN's coordinator from it's inception in June '96 to January '97. She had been associated earlier with Clean Green '95 and '96.